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Annual Reports

Our work in the Early Childhood Development area focuses on two groups of children – from low-income families and with special needs – and on training and empowering professionals who work in the field.

Superhero Me A ground-up inclusive arts movement that harnesses the power of the arts to empower children from less privileged backgrounds and special needs communities and enable social mixing through the arts.
Kindling Inclusion A two-part documentary on life in Singapore's first inclusive preschool, Kindle Garden. Thirty percent of children who attend the preschool have conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome but nevertheless learn, play and grow together with typically developing peers.
Vital Voices for Vital Years A study of leaders’ perspectives on improving the early childhood sector in Singapore.
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27 Sep 2019

[Inclusive Education in Canada] HOW WE DO SCHOOL B.C. Ep2: Forging Friendships
Making Every Preschool Inclusive MEPI

27 Sep 2019

HOW WE DO SCHOOL FINLAND Ep 2: Teaching Twogether
Making Every Preschool Inclusive MEPI

26 Oct 2018

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