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Government studying assisted living facilities

A 2016 study, Safe but Soulless, jointly commissioned by the Lien Foundation and the Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation highlighted the challenges that continue to plague the nursing home sector today, including the lack of housing options for seniors. More recently, the Ministry of Health has said that it is studying such options closely, including the possibility of rolling out pilot projects in this area.

•  The Sunday Times - 28 January 2018
•  Lianhe Wanbao - 28 January 2018

Frontline SMRT staff to undergo training to help commuters with special needs

The Forget Us Not initiative, led by the Lien Foundation, partnered SMRT in shaping the curriculum of its Inclusive Service Delivery Programme so that they can better support elderly commuters with dementia

•  Lianhe Zaobao - 26 January 2018
•  The Straits Times - 25 January 2018
•  TODAY - 25 January 2018
•  Channel NewAsia - 25 January 2018

Shaping her garden through clay

Is Anyone Home?, an inclusive art exhibit of the Superhero Me initiative started by the Foundation, showcased the artworks and installations of children with special needs or those who come from less privileged backgounds at this year’s Singapore Art Week.

•  Channel NewsAsia - 25 January 2018

Philanthropy not about being Santa

The CEO of Lien Foundation, Mr Lee Poh Wah, was interviewed on the foundation’s works and his take on philanthropy

•  The New Paper - 15 January 2018

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Catering to children of diverse needs.

The Straits Times did a photo essay of how children in Singapore's first inclusive preschool, by Lien Foundation and AWWA, mingle and learn together

•  The Straits Times - 18 December 2017

Gym Tonic extends to community-dwelling seniors

The Foundation presented its findings of the Gym Tonic programme. It has shown that more that half of frail seniors on the programme improved to being pre-frail after 12 weeks, and one in four community-dwelling seniors improved from pre-frail to robust. Bolstered by the findings, the Foundation is also extending into more community sites in 2018.

•  Capital 95.8FM - 15 December 2017
•  The Straits Times - 13 December 2017
•  The New Paper - 13 December 2017
  Lianhe Zaobao - 13 December 2017
•  TODAY - 12 December 2017

•  Shinmin Daily News - 12 December 2017
•  Lianhe Wanbao - 12 December 2017
• Yahoo News - 12 December 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 12 December 2017
•  Channel 5 News - 12 December 2017
•  Channel 8 News - 12 December 2017
•  Vasantham - 12 December 2017
•  Capital 95.8FM - 12 December 2017

Living with Dementia

In collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, the Foundation held a symposium as part of the Forget Us Not initiative. The symposium, focusing on young onset dementia, invited dementia activist and Chair of the Dementia Alliance International, Ms Kate Swaffer, who shared her journey and how persons with dementia can be better supported. 

•  The Sunday Times - 10 December 2017
•  First Look Asia, Channel NewsAsia - 27 November 2017
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 26 November 2017
• Shinmin Daily News - 26 November 2017

Normalising conversations about death and dying

Initiated by the Lien Foundation and Ang Chin Moh Foundation, Both Sides Now returns for a fresh 3-year run to foster conversations on death and dying through arts and theatre. 

•  The Straits Times - 21 October 2017

Forget Us Not in Bishan East-Thomson

Bishan East-Thomson constituency joined the Forget Us Not movement to launch Singapore’s first dementia-friendly kopitiam. As part of its efforts to create a dementia-friendly community, the constituency will involves the grassroots organisations, neighbourhood merchants and schools in training and outreach activities.

•  Shinmin Daily News - 4 December 2017
•  Ageless Online - 9 October 2017
•  The Straits Times - 8 October 2017
  Lianhe Zaobao - 8 October 2017
•  TODAY - 7 October 2017

•  Shinmin Daily News - 7 October 2017
•  Lianhe Wanbao - 7 October 2017
•  Capital 95.8FM - 7 October 2017
•  Yahoo News - 7 October 2017

Long-term eldercare

Ms Radha Basu from the Lien Foundation, who authored the 2016’s study on nursing homes, contributed two commentaries on how to better improve long-term care in Singapore. In particular, she highlighted the need for greater data transparency and alternative funding options.

•  The Straits Times - 7 October 2017
• The Straits Times - 5 October 2017

Inclusive Art Sessions to bring children together

Superhero Me, which began as a ground-up inclusive arts movement conceived by the Lien Foundation, returns for its latest series of workshops that brings children of diverse needs together. 

• The Straits Times - 2 October 2017

Space for play

Together with Participate in Design and St Jame’s Church Kindergarten, the Foundation initiated the Hack Our Play initiative to transform children’s play spaces by letting children and parents take an active role in their design.

•  The Straits Times - 2 October 2017
•  The Straits Times - 11 September 2017


Quality of Death study

The Lien Foundation was invited to share about the Quality of Death study (both 2010 and 2015) at an inaugural Forum on palliative care (善終無界限:安寧緩和療護高峰會) organised by the National Cheung Kung University Hospital. 

• Yahoo News Taiwan- 21 August 2017
• China Television System - 20 August 2017
• China Times - 20 August 2017
• China Daily News - 19 August 2017
ETNews - 19 August 2017
• NowNews - 19 August 2017
• Yahoo News Taiwan - 19 August 2017


Role of state in preschool education and breaking the poverty cycle

Following from the National Day Rally 2017, commentators discussed on the role of the state in preschool education as well as early intervention for children from low-income families. Amongst those cited were the Starting Well Study and Circle of Care project.

• The Straits Times - 18 November 2017
• The Straits Times - 25 August 2017
• The Straits Times - 3 August 2017

After Cicely

After Cicely 50 is a digital multimedia project that explores the state of palliative care in the UK today in commemoration of 50 years of the modern hospice movement. The project includes four feature stories and five short films on compassionate communities, Cicely Saunders’ approach, community efforts by hospitals and hospices and future ambitions of the sector. 

• Channel NewsAsia - 20 August 2017
• The Straits Times - 31 July 2017

Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship received award

The Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship, established through NTU’s Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, to strengthen Singapore-China bilateral relations through high-level exchange programmes was awarded the 2017 Business China Enterprise Award. The Awards is organised by Business China, and jointly presented by OCBC. It is supported by Business Times and Lianhe Zaobao.

•  Lianhe Zaobao - 9 August 2017
  The Business Times - 17 July 2017

•  Lianhe Zaobao - 15 July 2017

Dying at home is what many want, but few do

The Foundation’s 2014 Death Attitudes Survey found that 77 per cent of the respondents preferred to die at home. However, despite so, lack of caregiver support still prevent many from doing so.

•  The Sunday Times - 9 July 2017

Providing inclusive learning space for all children

Mdm Lena Koh, principal for Singapore’s first inclusive preschool, set up between AWWA and the Lien Foundation, shared about her own experience and how she embraced inclusion as a mission

• The Sunday Times - 9 July 2017

Anti-diaper, restraint-free care philosophy for Jade Circle

The revival of Jade Circle, a joint initiative between the Lien Foundation, Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation and The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home  was announced at a media event. Originally announced in 2015, the project was placed on hold due to administrative hurdles. Retaining the original concept of having only single and twin-sharing rooms for persons with dementia, the new Jade Circle has been conceived to have a significantly bigger day-activity centre in keeping with the national push to enable the elderly to age in place.

•  The Straits Times - 7 July 2017
•  TODAY -  7 July 2017
•  The New paper -  7 July 2017
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 7 July 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 6 July 2017
•  Talking Point, Channel 5 - 6 July 2017
•  Channel 5 News - 6 July 2017
•  Channel 8 News - 6 July 2017

•  Capital 95.8FM News - 6 July 2017

Genki Kakis go to Japan

The Lien Foundation announced a new 10-part series of short films and articles, Genki Kaki, which highlights the rich diversity of services for seniors in Japan and what Singaporeans can learn from them. The Foundation brought a film crew and two seniors - Elizabeth Seah, 62, and Jelly Jacintha Tan, 77, to Japan where they visited interesting elderly-friendly places like malls, restaurants and shopping streets, as well as aged care facilities.

•  Channel NewsAsia - 11 September 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 5 August 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 21 July 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 15 July 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 9 July 2017
•  Channel NewsAsia - 30 June 2017

Enabling Person-Centred Care through IT

Together with Pulsesync, the Foundation announced its new IngoT PCC (Person-Centred Care) system. As a start, the system will be adopted by 11 VWOs, which includes some of Singapore’s largest care providers. When deployed, it is expected to collectively serve more than 6,000 clients – or one in every four people currently receiving care through Ministry of Health-funded programmes in nursing homes, day care centres and at home.

•  MIS Asia -  29 May 2017
•  The Straits Times -  26 May 2017
•  TODAY -  26 May 2017
•  The New Paper -  26 May 2017
•  Lianhe Zaobao -  26 May 2017
•  Ageless Online -  26 May 2017
•  Channel 8 News -  25 May 2017

•  Shinmin Daily News - 25 May 2017
•  Capital 95.8FM News - 25 May 2017

Care for the older person

Following from the first web-based casebook, the second volume, titled Caring for Older People in an Ageing Society, comprising 10 case studies was released. Commissioned by the Lien Foundation and developed by the team from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s Centre for Biomedical Ethics, The Hastings Center and the Ethox Centre, the open-access online resource is targeted at healthcare and communit-care professionals. 

•  The Straits Times -  24 May 2017
•  Singapore Tonight, Channel NewsAsia - 24 May 2017

Demand for aged care facilities on the rise

Amidst SPH’s foray into the healthcare sector with the acquisition of Orange Valley Healthcare, industry watchers commented on the rising demand for more residential aged care options. The Safe But Soulless study on Singapore’s nursing homes, commissioned by the Lien Foundation and Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation, was cited. Amongst others, it highlighted the need for more senior living options in Singapore.

•  The Straits Times -  26 April 2017

Hands-on training and mentoring for preschool teachers

In a partnership with St James' Church Kindergarten (SJCK), both organisations started Singapore's first preschool practicum centre in 2014 to enhance the practicum attachment of trainee preschool teachers. The centre is sited at the kindergarten's Harding campus, the largest single campus preschool in Singapore by enrolment. This has since been expanded to SJCK’s other campuses.

•  The Straits Times -  24 April 2017

Forget Us Not

Together with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital , the Forget Us Not campaign was started in Yishun and aims to raise awareness of dementia. The campaign trains the community as dementia friends who are equipped to interact and watch out for persons with dementia. To-date, it has trained over 13,000 individuals, and 61 businesses/organisations are involved. Amongst others, these include DBS/POSB, Hong Leong Finance, Sheng Siong Supermarket and SMRT.

•  Shinmin Daily News -  12 Nov 2017
•  Lianhe Zaobao -  5 November 2017
•  The Straits Times -  23 February 2017
•  The Sunday Times - 19 February 2017

Life in a nursing home

Cameras follow TV host and caregiver Anita Kapoor as she spends two weeks in a Singapore's nursing home, providing a rare glimpse into the day-to-day realities of nursing home life. The raw and intimate 70-minute documentary was commissioned by the Lien Foundation as part of its efforts to raise awareness and spark collective conversations on ways to improve the quality of life in nursing homes. The Foundation also released a draft Consumer Charter and is seeking public feedback. The Charter articulates a more evolved philosophy of nursing home care that Singaporeans can aspire to in the years to come, covering aspirations in key areas such as privacy, independence and personal responsibility. 

•  Morning Talk Show, Capital 95.8FM News - 24 January 2017
•  Shinmin Daily News - 20 January 2017

•  TODAY - 19 January 2017
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 19  January 2017 
•  First look Asia, Channel NewsAsia - 19 January 2017
•  CNA Insider - 19 January 2017
•  Coconuts Singapore - 19 January 2017
•  Channel 8 News - 18 January 2017
•  Capital 95.8FM News - 18 January 2017
•  Yahoo News - 18 January 2017