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Supporting Caregivers

The findings of an earlier study by the Lien Foundation, Care Where You Are - Enabling Singaporeans to Age Well in the Community, was cited by NMP Anthea Ong in her motion on caregiving tabled in Parliament. The report is an extensive study that examines the state of formal centre-based and home-based care for seniors in Singapore.

•  CNA - 31 March 2019

Inclusive Arts Festival

PEEKABOO! is an inclusive arts festival boldly reinventing classic hide-and-seek that took place at Rainbow Centre. The festival is a culmination of work over a five-month arts residency programme led by Superhero Me, involving six artists, 20 arts facilitators (or Captains) who were trained to foster inclusion between children of all abilities and the Rainbow Centre community to explore themes of identity and place in the world.

•  The Sunday Times - 10 March 2019

Fighting Muscle Loss

Sarcopenia, or age-related loss of muscle mass and strength, has been associated with frailty and disability. However, strength training can slow or even reverse the decline, improving the functional outcomes of seniors. The Gym Tonic programme, initiated by the Lien Foundation, was cited as one leading community initiative to address this. To date, more than 4,000 seniors have joined the programme. At Bishan Community Club, around 400 are on the waitlist since it opened in late 2018. 

•  Life, The Straits Times - 4 March 2019

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Personally Speaking

What does your caregiving journey look like? Personally Speaking is a visual arts project by 8 artists that explores the stories of caregiving for people with special needs, mental illness, and the elderly. We hope to create a space that allows everyone to reflect on their own caregiving journey, and consider the kind of care that we would like our loved ones and ourselves to receive. The exhibition is commissioned by Lien Foundation in partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and is produced by Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Film

•  First Look Asia, Channel NewsAsia - 1 November 2018

How We Do School, the Finnish Way

Finland, like Singapore, is ranked highly on global education indicators. At the same time, it is based on equity and idea of ‘education for all’, which have been key drivers in developing an inclusive education system. The country stopped building special education schools back in the 1990s and has since moved to close down many of these segregated schools over the years. In partnership with Lien Foundation, The Sunday Times visited inclusive schools to understand how Finland meets all kinds of learning needs. We took two leaders from the early childhood education and special education sectors in Singapore to learn more about Finland’s journey towards greater inclusivity in its education system.  More info on this website.

•  The Sunday Times - 28 October 2018

Speaking of life and death

Both Sides Now, a multi-years arts project initiated by the Lien Foundation and Ang Chin Moh Foundation was cited for the “soft” data about social issues that were collated over the past six years. Over the years, the project has reached 27,000 people and helped them discuss sensitive end-of-life issues, amassing many stories and anecdotes from Singaporeans in the process. These gave art-makers and organisations better ideas about what issues are important to audiences.

•  The Straits Times - 9 October 2018
•  The Straits Times- 27 September 2018

How Germany approaches ageing

Together with with CNA Insider, we study Germany’s approach to long-term care for the elderly in a 3-part series and examine lessons that are applicable for Singapore. 

•  Channel NewsAsia - 6 November 2018
•  Channel NewsAsia - 14 October 2018
•  Channel NewsAsia - 22 September 2018

Let’s talk about discrimination against people with disabilities

Counsellor Cassandra Chiu wrote about how discrimination of the disabled is something very real in Singapore. This was bore by her professional experience, as well as research on job discrimination conducted by the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) and Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), as well as the Lien Foundation’s Inclusive Attitudes Survey. One key point made was how having laws against such discrimination would serve as a powerful signal of what is fair and acceptable treatment towards someone with a disability.

•  The Straits Times - 20 September 2018

Launch of World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 as part of Forget Us Not Initiative

The Lien Foundation and Alzheimer’s Disease Association kick off global month on dementia with efforts & activities to raise understanding & support for those affected by the life-limiting condition. Twenty-three family and professional caregivers from all walks of life, races and ages share their struggles and caregiving victories in a collection of 50 “Connecting” videos, The clips, together with a graphic novel, for and by caregivers, were released to kick off World Alzheimer’s Month.

•  The Straits Times - 5 September 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 5 September 2018
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•  Capital 95.8FM - 4 September 2018

Home & centre-based care services outstrip nursing homes as the main form of long-term care in Singapore, shows Lien Foundation-NUS study

A new in-depth study commissioned by the Lien Foundation outlines the progress made as well the challenges ahead in enabling frail, vulnerable or disabled seniors to be cared for at home in fast-ageing Singapore. The 232-page report, titled Care Where You Are - Enabling Singaporeans to Age Well in the Community, examines the state of formal centre-based and home-based care for seniors in Singapore, acknowledge strengths, showcase innovations, identify weaknesses or unmet needs and, where possible, suggest recommendations. 

•  The Straits Times - 30 August 2018
•  The Straits Times - 27 August 2018
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Long term care workers dogged by low pay and limited prospects

A new study released by the Lien Foundation  evaluates Singapore’s long term care manpower needs and the pay, perks and prospects of its long term care (LTC) workers in comparison to four other ageing Asia-Pacific economies – Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. Conducted by a leading international consultancy, the study highlights that Singapore needs to grow its pool of LTC workers by at least 45 per cent between 2017 and 2020, as more nursing homes, day centres for seniors and home care services are developed to cater to a rapidly ageing population. But low pay, limited prospects and continuing churn in the sector may make it hard to meet this target.

•  The Straits Times  - 27 July 2018
•  The New Paper - 27 July 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 27 July 2018
•  Ageless Online - 27 July 2018
•  The Online Citizen - 27 July 2018
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Raising awareness of dementia on NEL trains

The Lien Foundation and Alzheimer’s Disease Associationtogether with Moove Media, have decked out two North-East Line (NEL) trains to raise awareness of dementia, promote understanding of the behaviour that people with the condition might exhibit, and educate commuters on how they can support them. This is part of the Forget Us Not initiative, which seeks to create a dementia-friendly Singapore. 

•  The Straits Times - 10 July 2018

Letters to Mei-Jun

In collaboration with Lianhe Zaobao and as part of Forget Us Not, influential Taiwanese author and cultural critic Lung Ying-Tai was invited to a meet-the-readers session in conjunction with the launch of her new book “Forever and Ever: Letters to Mei-Jun”. In the book, Ms Lung touches on kinship and caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia. 

•  Lianhe Zaobao - 12  - 16 June 2018, 1, 8 July 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 3 June 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 28 May 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 24 May 2018
•  Lianhe Wanbao- 24 May 2018

Circle of Care Phase 3

Circle of Care, a ground-up programme conceived by Lien Foundation and Care Corner Singapore to build a strong support system around a child from a disadvantaged background, will widen its sphere of influence to more preschools and primary schools, where it will serve at least 1,800 children. The expansion will take place over the next five years, and comes on the back of renewed commitment from the government to tackle social inequality and give every child a good start in life, no matter their family circumstances. Quantedge Foundation, which has a keen interest in programmes that enhance social mobility in Singapore, will contribute to Circle of Care as a co-funder.

•  The New Paper - 24 May 2018
•  The Straits Times - 24 May 2018
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Forget Us Not Collaboration with Shinmin Daily News

The Foundation, together with Alzheimer’s Disease Association and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital collaborated with Shinmin Daily News in its Forget Us Not initiative to raise awareness of dementia and foster a dementia-friendly Singapore

•  Shinmin Daily News - 8 September 2018
•  Shinmin Daily News - 18 August 2018
•  Shinmin Daily News - 28 July 2018
•  Shinmin Daily News - 14 July 2018
•  Shinmin Daily News - 30 June 2018
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•  Shinmin Daily News  活得好  - 2-4, 8-11,17-18,23-25,28,30-31 July, and 1, 6-8 August

Professionals Call for More Support to Build Capabilities

Early Intervention (EI) professionals play a crucial role in shaping childhood experienced by children with special needs. The Foundation commissioned a study that aims to shed light on ways to better support the aspirations of such professionals as Singapore ramps up efforts towards a more inclusive society. It is believed to be the first survey of its kind to be made public, and was released in the leadup to the inaugural Early Intervention Conference, a ground-up initiative jointly organised by 10 EI service providers and the Foundation.

•  Lianhe Wanbao - 23 May 2018
•  The Straits Times - 30 April 2018
•  The Straits Times - 25 April 2018
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Ideas to transform underused spaces into thriving communities for seniors

Together with design firm COLOURS, the Foundation released a publication, Second Beginnings: Senior Living Redefined, which proposed 10 new typologies where seniors can age in community and continue to live active, engaged lives. We partnered The Straits Times in a readers’ engagement to invite new ideas to reimagine how seniors can live and play in their communities.

•  The Sunday Times - 4 March 2018
•  The Sunday Times - 11 February 2018
•  Lianhe Zaobao - 11 February 2018
•  Lianhe Wanbao - 10 February 2018
•  Shinmin Daily News - 10 February 2018
•  Channel 8 News - 10 February 2018

Government studying assisted living facilities

A 2016 study, Safe but Soulless, jointly commissioned by the Lien Foundation and the Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation highlighted the challenges that continue to plague the nursing home sector today, including the lack of housing options for seniors. More recently, the Ministry of Health has said that it is studying such options closely, including the possibility of rolling out pilot projects in this area.

•  The Sunday Times - 28 January 2018
•  Lianhe Wanbao - 28 January 2018

Shaping her garden through clay

Is Anyone Home?, an inclusive art exhibit of the Superhero Me initiative started by the Foundation, showcased the artworks and installations of children with special needs or those who come from less privileged backgounds at this year’s Singapore Art Week.

•  Channel NewsAsia - 25 January 2018

Frontline SMRT staff to undergo training to help commuters with special needs

The Forget Us Not initiative, led by the Lien Foundation, partnered SMRT in shaping the curriculum of its Inclusive Service Delivery Programme so that they can better support elderly commuters with dementia

•  Lianhe Zaobao - 26 January 2018
•  The Straits Times - 25 January 2018
•  TODAY - 25 January 2018
•  Channel NewAsia - 25 January 2018

Philanthropy not about being Santa

The CEO of Lien Foundation, Mr Lee Poh Wah, was interviewed on the foundation’s works and his take on philanthropy

•  The New Paper - 15 January 2018