7 October 2017

Bishan East-Thomson constituency joins Forget Us Not initiative, launches Singapore's first dementia-friendly kopitiam 

Ground-up movement by the Lien Foundation has trained 86 organisations & close to 19,000 dementia friends, involving key segments of society – from transport, finance & F&B sectors, to schools, VWOs & civic/religious bodies. The Bishan-East Thomson constituency, which has twice the proportion of 80-year-olds compared to the national average, has joined the Forget Us Not initiative to build a dementia-friendly Singapore..

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Forget Us Not in Bishan East-Thomson

Bishan East-Thomson constituency joined the Forget Us Not movement to launch Singapore’s first dementia-friendly kopitiam. As part of its efforts to create a dementia-friendly community, the constituency will involves the grassroots organisations, neighbourhood merchants and schools in training and outreach activities.

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Long-term eldercare

Ms Radha Basu from the Lien Foundation, who authored the 2016’s study on nursing homes, contributed two commentaries on how to better improve long-term care in Singapore. In particular, she highlighted the need for greater data transparency and alternative funding options.

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Inclusive Art Sessions to bring children together

Superhero Me, which began as a ground-up inclusive arts movement conceived by the Lien Foundation, returns for its latest series of workshops that brings children of diverse needs together. 

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